Benefits of Massage

By Rose Alexander
Have you sampled the many benefits of massage? While there are many types of massage, like a neck massage, back massage, or face massage, many people prefer to get a whole-body massage to enjoy the relaxing pleasure of kneaded muscles all over the torso and limbs. Some people get a hot stone massage or a Swedish massage, depending on their interests or physical therapy needs. There are many reasons to get a massage, including the following:

1. Massage relieves pain.
Doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists understand that one of the benefits of massage is the pain relief it can provide. In the hands of a skilled masseuse working under clinical conditions, someone suffering from chronic pain or certain types of injury can experience immediate, partial, or temporary relief. Check with your doctor if you have chronic pain or discomfort about possible benefits of massage. Sometimes massage can be used in conjunction with physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and medication to manage injury-related pain.

2. Massage eases tension.
Physical tension caused by standing at your job all day or carrying umpteen bags of junk out of the basement can be relieved by getting a massage to relax those worn muscles and limbs. If you can’t afford a weekly massage, opt for a special spa day after a demanding workout when you can splurge and get the works, including a full body massage. You’ll feel so good afterwards that you won’t put off cleaning the basement so long the next time.

3. Massage relaxes inflamed muscles.
If you play sports, chances are there will be times when you overdo it or perhaps pull a muscle that has not warmed up property. With your doctor’s okay, consider getting a massage to ease the tension and soreness of limbs damaged by sports-related injuries. Check with the doctor and let the masseuse know before getting a massage if you have a muscle injury.

4. Massage improves circulation.
Whether you’re feeling sluggish, have been doing too much deskwork, or don’t get enough exercise, a massage can help to stimulate your body tissues and improve circulatory flow. Of course, if you have medical circulation problems or are on blood thinning medications, ask your doctor about getting a massage. For some people, massage can lower blood pressure and improve pulse rates to actually contribute to overall improved health.

5. Massage reduces stress.
A whole-body massage can relax those stiff muscles that may be causing tension headaches. It can help to free your mind of stressful events or difficult emotions, at least temporarily. Having a massage puts the focus on you and the present, taking it from problems and the past or future. You can escape challenges and problems by languishing in the care of a trained masseuse whose firm hands will roll the tension right out of your body.

6. Massage provides a welcome respite.

Let’s face it: few people take adequate care of themselves. Many women are caregivers, looking after children, aging adults, and their own careers or relationships. All of these things can be demanding, so escaping to a spa and getting a massage is a terrific way to step into another world, at least briefly, to enjoy the luxury and comfort. Afterward, you’ll be ready to re-enter the everyday world of stress and strain because you have stepped outside temporarily to take a breather.

7. Massage enhances your mood.
Releasing feel-good endorphins into your system, massage creates a sense of well being that can make anyone feel better. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when a professional masseuse is stroking your body in a way that releases natural substances from the brain that evoke a pleasurable response. Plus, just getting away from the hectic pace of everyday life and enjoying a personal indulgence can give you a calmer, happier frame of mind.

8. Massage is a way to pamper yourself.
Many joys in life come from paying attention to personal needs and making time to do things that we usually have to forego. Massage is a luxury for many people, given the time and cost factors that can burden a tight budget. So when you do make time to have a massage, you will feel truly pampered, savoring the mental break that comes with escaping everyday duty to enjoy personal attention in the hands of a professional. Find a couple hours in your schedule to relax and enjoy the attention of a competent masseuse.

9. Massage makes a great gift for others and lets the giver feel good.
If you are looking for a special gift to give someone for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or another special event, consider a gift certificate for a body massage. Hardly anyone can turn down a gift like that, with all the benefits of message that provide a relaxing experience. The gift of a massage is great for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re lucky, you may get the same gift in return.

10. Massage can be rejuvenating.
At various points in life, you may feel run-down, overwhelmed, or bored from the daily routine. When you get a massage, your body and mind wake up! Even though the massage feels totally relaxing, by the time you leave, you will feel more alert and fresh than you have in a long time. By stimulating the brain and the body, massage rids your body of distractions and helps you get in tune with feelings both physical and emotional, regenerating sapped power reserves to give you energy for the rest of the day.

11. Massage provides expert handling of your minor bodily aches and pains.
In addition to addressing sports injuries or accident traumas, even minor aches and pains due to aging or a sedentary lifestyle can be eased with massage. Mild arthritic discomfort may be diminished with a massage at the spa by experienced hands. Stiff, underused, or overused limbs may benefit from professional massage.

12. Massage offers an  emotional, sensory experience.
The benefits of massage encompass many areas of life, from physical to emotional, and even social needs. You can get a massage by yourself for a getaway from a dull routine or hectic schedule. Or you can take a teen daughter or a friend for a shared pampering experience and bonding opportunity. Massage is much more than a touch; it can enhance your life in ways you never dreamed. Alone or with a friend or partner, the pros of massage are manifold, while cons are few or non-existent, so don’t wait too long to find out for yourself about the many diverse and exciting benefits of massage.